Urbanix Core is the force that pulls you and your body towards optimum fitness. This series of outdoor gym equipment are top of the line, using gravity and your own body weight to build and tone muscles in an inviting outdoor fitness environment.
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BLADE, our hydraulic line is completely weatherproof and virtually maintenance free. Perfect for urban settings such as condos, rooftops, hotels, green spaces, public parks, schools, and senior centres.
Hydraulic Power Fitness Line

CORE EQUIPMENT - With six units that target the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, and core, now even those in wheelchairs can enjoy working out with our Core fitness zones.
Own Weight Outdoor Fitness

KICKBOXING GEAR - Performance, durability and stability are important factors when choosing the best kickboxing gear.
Open Space Kickbox Zones

HELIOS - Featuring an assist mechanism with 5 settings so users of all fitness levels can perform a pull-up, chin-up, or dip.
Outdoor Fitness Multi-Gym

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Our core fitness set is scalable, allowing you to create an urban sports park just right for your size and budget. Depending on your community's needs, it can be expanded to create the Urbanix Sports Park, which serves as a community sports center as well as a social destination.
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